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Gantry crane 128(64+64)t x 38,6m

Gantry crane 128(64+64)t x 38,6m

Gantry crane 30-30t x 36m

Gantry crane 30-30t x 36m

Gantry crane 14t x 40+10+5m

Gantry crane 14t x 40+10+5m

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In tubular lattice or full carrier design

Gantry cranes are primarily used outdoors at storage and reloading sites across all industry branches, but are also found in assembly halls and at dockyards.

Gantry cranes (RMG) for reloading — our range includes:

  • Container gantry cranes
  • Gripper cranes
    • Scrap handling
    • Waste handling
    • Bulk goods — coal, iron ore, slag
  • Magnetic cranes
    • Scrap handling — sorting and loading
    • Coil transport
  • Traverse cranes for
    • Pipe transport
    • Rail transport
    • Container transport
    • Sheet metal transport
  • Gantry cranes with multiple travelling cranes for
    • Transporting manufactured concrete and ferro concrete parts
    • Other large components
  • Wide gantry cranes
    • For moving large components
  • Fully or semi-automated gantry cranes

Gantry cranes (RMG) for reloading

How are versatile are the applications?

Kranbau Koethen offers fully or semi-automated gantry cranes in solid girder or lattice versions. Gantry cranes in lattice girder designs (as a single or dual rail version) can be realised from low load-carrying capacities all the way up to heavy-duty cranes. The working speeds are adjusted to match the necessary transport and reloading performance. To determine what crane is best for you, we perform an analysis of your requirements and then develop, together with you, the right gantry crane to suit your application.

What can the crane actually lift?

Using travelling cranes with special load-carrying equipment, such as grippers, magnets or special traverses, enables virtually all bulky and heavy objects to be reloaded with no problem at all. These objects include containers, heavy loads, machinery, general cargo and bulk cargo, sheet metal and other semi-finished products, slabs, coils, pig iron, scrap, concrete and reinforced concrete components, slag, waste and recycling materials.

What makes the difference?

When developing individual solutions and approaches, we draw on our decades of experience in building special-purpose cranes. At our site in Köthen, we manufacture gantry cranes while receiving first-rate assistance from Alpha Elektronik, a fully associated company of Kranbau Koethen. Having this support at our disposal ensures a quick development process for customer gantry crane solutions as well as short delivery times.

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